About every 15 minutes an asteroid enters the atmosphere - while most of these are small and burn up, some make impact with the earth causing a wide range of effects - from earthquakes, to destroying property and hurting animals or people.
Currently there is little that can be done to stop an incoming asteroid due to a range of technical challenges and the lack of governments to invest in realistic methods to stop these threats. The Global Asteroid Protection Society is a group of individuals and corporations who wish to protect their assets from asteroid impacts. We have developed a plan and are developing the means to protect against these threats.

Asteroid impacts have impacted into the earth for the length of history of the earth and they will likely do so for the total length of the history. As a species we now have the technology to defend ourselves, to protect our assets from these potentially devastating impacts. Whilst governments and space organizations worldwide ineffectively work to develop theories to protect the whole planet from the dangers of impact, the Global Asteroid Protection Society strives to implement a plan which will defend the assets of our members. In the time of insurance for everything, it is only logical that private citizens and corporations would wish to fend themselves from the possible loss of assets from an solar induced impact.

Our methods range from detection and tracking to tagging, sampling and analysis. We also provide defensive means to our properties to ensure no direct impacts occur. This may include deflection technologies. We strive to use modern and advance technologies to keep our properties safe because we believe that after investing much capital into our properties we must protect those properties to the best of our ability, no matter what is thrown at them.

Please feel free to learn further about our methods, the benefits we provide, latest news in this field, and how you can register to join the Global Asteroid Protection Society. Questions? They maybe answered in our help section, or if you wish you can contact us.