In today’s day and age, life assurance is considered as a vital part of ensuring survivability of a family in the time of a crisis, such as the loss of a parent. Some families who wish to give more to the family setup trust funds and other insurance plans to enhance the value to their family.

Death, even though it is avoided at any cost, is an excepted part of the human lifecycle. It is known to come, but the specific time it will come is often unknown. This could also said to be true for asteroid impacts. Asteroids are a natural part of our solar system, and routinely are impacting upon planetoid surfaces, including our own. It is not known, when an asteroid will hit, but it is a certainty that one will. These impacts are not covered by standard insurance/assurance policies and are considered ‘Acts of God’.

The Global Asteroid Protection Society provides Assurance to our members that when an Asteroid does impact the earth that it will not cause them to loose their assets. We do this by working on developing and implementing mechanisms which will help ensure the survivibility of our assets and possibly even our lives.

The threat which Asteroids can cause are often seen as remote and not a real concern, but in fact the chances for impacts are much higher than most would care to imagine. 1-in-20,000 – The same odds that you have when you fly in an airplane that you not will survive. Not bad odds, but most airlines require you to obtain flight insurance and some people refuse to fly because of these odds. Yet for asteroid impacts, people tend to not even think about it.

Now there is a chance for real hope for the survivibility of you, your family and your assets through the funding of the Global Asteroid Protection Society.

“Due to a lack of awareness and emphasis, the world is not socially, economically, or politically prepared to deal with the vulnerability of the EMS-to-ECO impacts and their potential consequences. Further, in terms of existing capabilities, there is currently a lack of adequate means of detection, command,control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I), and mitigation. Few people are even aware of an ECO problem, much less the potential consequences associated with its impact…”

Planetary Defense: Catastrophic Health Insurance for Planet Earth (US AirForce)