Global:Of or pertaining to the whole world, worldwide. Source

Asteroid: mid-sized celestial object – from 10 meters to 1000 km in diameter. Mixture of stone, Heavy and light elements, and possibly gasses (in solid, liquid, frozen, or plasma states/organic/inorganic). Often have meteorid clouds nearby or trailing(may be be considered as comets). Moving either in orbit around another celestial object or floating or traveling on its own accord. (also called minor planets, planetoids,centaurs)

Note: When an Asteroid enters the Atmosphere and goes through re-entry, it is reclassified as a Bolide – which is greek for “Arrow”.

Here are some notes about Bolide:

-.2kt to 1, 100 kt impacts (in 10 studied)
-travel 30-70km/s
-Visible at 100km (from sealevel)
-5-10/hour or 1 every 15 minutes -About a ton daily

-Colour Spectrum:
Sodium = Orange-yellow

Specific Regions of the Sky which produce large volumes on a rotational bases:
Perseid Shower= Perseus
Leonid Shower=Leo Geminid Shower=Gemini

-Disturbances in Weather
-Disturbances on plates
-Distrubances in oceans (ie. Tsunamis)
-Addition of foreign substances into the environment (chemicals, etc)
-Energy release of 10/5K dissociate molecules
-Impact can cause property damage
-Impact can do bodily harm or cause death

Protection: Services or measures that address threats or vulnerabilities of an organization to protect an organization from theft or damage to property, assets, or services that would cause disruption or interference with normal operations or business practices.Source

Society:A society is a number of persons united together by mutual consent, in order to deliberate, determine, and act jointly for some common purpose.Source

meteoroid: small celestial object, from 0.1 mm to 10 meters in diameter. Made of stone or metal dust and/or debris.Moving either in orbit around another celestial object or floating or traveling on its own accord.

Heliosphere: A bubble in space which contains our solar system.

heliospheric current sheet: A rotating magnetic field emminating from the sun which exists throughout the heliosphere. There is a electric field which travels radially inward. This is a natural Magnetohydrodynamic dynamo. Image

Risk mitigation is the application of systems to reduce the amount of loss from the potential future occurrence of an event.Source

Assurance: Implies that an event is certain to occur but where the date is unknown. As compared with Insurance which refers to an event which may happen.

Technologies:What is an Electromagnetic launch system?