Lunar Development Systems – Efficient.Effective. Results.

The vast majority of lunar systems ignore the lift and landing components and focus more on the roaming the surface or rotating around the body. These systems also have limited life time, and are typically not reusable.

The Global Asteroid Protection Society has the need to establish a lunar platform which will allow for the deployment of systems which will prevent stellar bodies from impacting into earth. With this the Lunar Development Systems was studied. The result is an effecient, effective solution which is based on existing technologies which will ensure results.

The first and most important step is the building and deployment of the initial system which will establish a connection with a fixed position satellite and a fixed position base station. From here new packages can be deployed and rapidly expanded on the lunar surface.

Utilizing the publicity of the Google Lunar X Prize as well as the purse, this will help to further develop packages to be deployed on the lunar surface.

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