LDS Flight Plan

LDS Flight Plan

Surface to Low Earth Orbit
Using a High Altitude Balloon which is attached to the GAPS Lunar Development System (LDS) is brought into low earth orbit of 60km.

Low Earth Orbit to the Moon
Once in orbit, the Altitude propulsion system is activated which will swing around the earth increasing the altitude until 200km is achieved and then deploy the GAPS LDS on to a trajectory of the the moon.

Lunar Approach
As the moon approaches, the Speed Reduction System will slow down the GAPS LDS until it can enter a stable and lowering orbit of the moon.

Lunar Positioning and Tether Deployment
Low atmosphere balloons [Due to the large Archimede force in the low atmosphere (a 2 cubic meters He-pressurized balloon is able to carry up to 100 kg) ] will be deployed to make use of the moon’s atmosphere. Once in a low enough orbit, the GAPS LDS system will starts its deployment:

-Tether system is rolled out from moon orbit.
-Weighted end does light touch down onto the moon surface, and provides an anchor to the surface.
-Packaged from the orbiting unit can be then slowly brought down to the surface and deployed on the moon.
-The tether system will help maintain power levels for the moon units via electrohydrodynamics.
-Future missions will be able to utilize the tether, or enhance the tether to enhance deployment of units/items on the moon. (such as an inflatable human capable environment)