Methods Overview

  • System components are designed and assembled and than launched into space using a magnetic rail launcher.
  • Different payloads are created depending on need.
  • We have an expansive plan to not only stop solar induced impacts, but to tag, track and monitor potential threats.
  • We have a plan to help save the lives of members in the event of a situation where it is not possible to stop a major impact.

    Hyper V Plasma Craft

    Understand the Threats
    To properly defend ourselves we must be aware that a specific threat exists, we must understand that threat and we must act accordingly to that threat. Relying upon current scientific data and methodology is not a wise step considering how easily self-interested data is passed around in this modern age. The Global Asteroid Protection Society actually came around because we recognized that in our current system there are clearly GAPS which must be filled. .

    We have a multi-phase process to ensure proper defense for the complete society, though individual members can benefit from additional consultation and developments made by the society.

    Phase I
    Earth Based Infrastructure In order to ensure we are able to meet the needs of our space operations we need to setup services which allow for the manufacturing, tracking, analysis and deployment of our systems.

    Phase II
    Orbital Monitoring Array
    Some asteroids orbit around the Sun and intersect with earth’s orbital pathway. These can be monitored and controlled with Satilites which are put in a trailing path behind the earth. We can collect data on their passes through our orbital path, and also use technology to alter their trajectories so they are no longer a threat.

    Phase III
    Large Monitoring Array

    Phase IV
    Manned Monitoring Array

    Phase V
    Heliosphere Detection and Tracking Network
    In this phase we mark,label and track every object in the heliosphere. This is accomplished through a network of Arrays which stretch throughout the solar system.

    Emergency considerations
    Failure to Stop In the event we are unable to prevent a potentially earth threatening asteroid, we must be able to provide safety to our members. We do this by providing a means to warn our members, to collect our members together and to give them a safe harbour to ride out the storm.