OpenSat by GAPS

Our mission is provide all people methods to develop and use satellite technologies.

We provide the details to basic design, software and hardware and give you ideas for different designs and functions. There is a broad range of capabilities for Satellites and they are only limited by your imagination.

In the past the cost of development was restrictively high, and generally restricted to militaries, governments, commercial ventures and specialty groups.

Now with OpenSat, you have access to free designs, free – open source software and design templates. We encourage users to add their ideas, their own developments to our collective pool.

In addition, if you submit your complete project(s) to the Global Asteroid Protection Society, they may select your design to be built, launched, and added to our arsenal of satellites to detect, tag, monitor and/or destroy threats to the planet.

If you have any questions, or comments, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Happy Satellite Building!

Expandable Semi-Embedded Operational
System Control (ESEOSC)