Global Asteroid Protection Society - Donation Overview
Name: Global Asteroid Protection Society
Mission: To Mitigate the threat of Solar Induced Impacts.
Mission Statement: It is the mission of the Global Asteroid Protection Society to devise strategies and build technologies which are feasible and capable of mitigating the threat of asteroids and other stellar objects which now,or in the future threaten membership assets.
Goals: To build a multi-level defense system.
Objective: Complete Heliosphere Defense.
Do we share your ideals and values? We want to Prevent space objects from impacting the planet
We want to Protecting the Environment
We want to Make a real and tangible difference
We want a lasting legacy
Current Work: Currently building on Phase One, which is to build up the appropriate ground systems. All our phases are avaliable Here
How to donate:
1. You can donate online via Paypal.
2. You can donate by contacting us:
Global Asteroid Protection Society
Phone: 1-780-328-2424
3. To view additional methods to assist, see: Register and Funding
Donations used: Your donation will go to either purchase materials, equipment and/or services which will allow us to meet our goals.
Those currently working for the Global Asteroid Protection do so by volunteering their skills and services to us.
On request, we can show where your donation is spent and/or take advice on where your donation is spent.
*All information provided is held in strict confidence. We will not release any of your information to another party without your written permission*. Personal Information Protection Act (Alberta, Canada)